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The best way to learn

With detailed 'over the shoulder' explanations for every step of the paintless dent repair process we have you dealing with even those tricky elements of PDR (paintless dent repair).

Things like...bracing and intrusion beams that often force trainees to give up, can actually be used to your advantage.

You just need to be shown.

Find out how learning to deal with problem access areas will get YOU the jobs other techs refuse to do.

Student on real car

Our teaching secret...


...precise tool tip location and pinpointing

Understanding reflection is the foundation of all good paintless dent repair

Let us show you how to easily locate the tip of all your paintless dent repair tools.

You cannot repair what you can't see

Mastering minute tool tip movement, behind steel or aluminium panels, allows you to obtain that flawless PDR finish that retail customers with luxury and high end cars demand.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned tech...our method has you locating the tip of your dent removal tools the best way possible.

The secret ? We match your eyes to individual lighting and reflection patterns that are specific to you. We call it Hybrid Reflection Honing (HRH).

We all see dents differently. So our method of teaching involves making the necessary HRH adjustments individually for each student on day one, that way each student gets to view the dents from their own perspective, rather than that of their trainer. We have proven that this accelerates students dent repair capabilities.

Always be in demand

Learn PDR the right way

And you'll always have a career that will keep you as busy as you want to be.

Come and train at Learn PDR Secrets and not only will you be taught how to finish your dents flawlessly by pinpointing, but we also explain how to avoid being just another busy PDR fool.

We teach you how to prevent others from undervaluing your newly acquired skill.

Without being armed with this knowledge many customers will attempt to drive your expected earnings down.

Let us teach you how to demand the best prices for your quality work from the start, and how to build contacts from wealthy car owners.

Ferrari Repair
Mark working on a Ferrari Modena

These customers place the right value on your quality workmanship and keep you out of low end bidding wars on cheaper cars.

About Us

Learn PDR Secrets Mark and Jayne

We are Mark and Jayne, a husband and wife team and we work together to give all our students the best PDR training experience we can.  Your time with us will be fun and you will feel at home as soon as you arrive, but we are also very passionate and serious about what we do, so we ask you to come to us with the same enthusiasm and determination as PDR is not an easy skill to learn.

As well as being a highly respected PDR teacher Mark is also a panel beater and painter, so he understands the doubts that these guys often have about PDR.

We also have our own bodyshop offering dent repair, paintwork and leather renovation.   

Mark is a total petrol head and on a rare day off he will have his head buried in a classic car magazine, or be watching endless re-runs of Top Gear ! Jayne is a bookworm and loves reading a good thriller (preferably on a sunbed with a pina colada !).

If you have any questions about our training courses please contact us - we're here to help you. 

Welcome to Learn PDR Secrets

Beginner  •  Intermediate  •  Advanced
Paintless dent repair is an art normally requiring many months of practice before your paintless dent repairs will be good enough to get you paid - even after you have taken a PDR training course.
We have you achieving clean, high class dent repairs during your course without the need to practice for months on end afterwards.

With our unique PDR teaching method you do not need any previous PDR knowledge or experience.
If you are serious about learning the art of PDR and do not have time and money to waste Learn PDR Secrets is your number one choice for paintless dent repair training.
We will set you up to succeed and become a successful dent tech like our students featured throughout this site, and start earning money offering paintless dent repairs just like they have.

We have a 100% success rate teaching students the art of paintless dent repair (PDR)

“ I would totally...totally recommend anyone who wants to learn PDR to call Mark and Jayne, the only place on the planet where you will learn this art correctly “


See what everyone is talking about !  Read all our genuine testimonials - click here...




Learn to be a master of all PDR reflections with us


PDR reflection is what you will use to read your dents, the more PDR reflections you can read and understand the easier you will find it to communicate with your dent repairs.

We will teach you the PDR line technique first...



(Click once) to enlarge images

...a good understanding of PDR lines (line board) will be the first step to your PDR success with us

Our unique and proven method teaches you how to understand lines without months of frustration


We also teach you fog and hybrid reflections, allowing you to read and repair dents how best suits your eyes.

The six photos below show the same dent - whichever picture shows you the damage clearest will normally become your personal favourite reflection during and after your course

The reflections range from ultra bright LED black and white lines, through to fog options with warm white LED's and cool white LED colour combinations.


PDR requires understanding reflections

Reflection is a very personal thing. Most PDR teachers have no idea how to read and use both lines and fog, so they will only be able to teach you the reflection that they know.  If their way of teaching you a reflection does not correspond with the way your eyes need to see the dent then you could find yourself in real trouble, trying to force yourself to see your tool tip behind the dent the way your teacher wants you to.

If this sounds like you, then you will know exactly what we are talking about - bad PDR training starts with a bad understanding of PDR reflection. If you have been the victim of bad PDR training as many visitors to this site have been then we can get you back on track and have you earning the money you promised yourself before your bad PDR training experience ruined your chances of success.

If you are reading this and are new to the world of paintless dent repair, then you have already discovered a huge advantage. Just consider what your chances of becoming a PDR tech would be if you could not see exactly where you were pressing on the car body from behind the panel ?

FACT : You can only repair what you can see

If you cannot see your tool tip behind the dent at all times during the repair, then at best you will make something that looks like a pizza, and at worst you will crack the paint and have to pay the customer to fix it by traditional body repair.

(Click once) to enlarge image

Notice all the "uppies" (high spots) bad push marks in the photo above, they locked in so much extra tension that made it impossible for this guy to finish his PDR repair and he lost any chance of getting paid by his angry customer.

You can avoid making mistakes like in the photo above by simply learning how to read PDR reflection from a master teacher of all reflections.

We are unique in teaching all PDR reflections and w
e have a 100% success rate in teaching our students the art of PDR.

Our training has you fixing dents cleanly, and to a high standard during your course, not after

Take a look at what our PDR students achieve after their course click here...

Be sure to read why you must travel for PDR training


Why you need to travel for your PDR training click here...


So who can you trust these days to teach you PDR ?


Well, we ask that you put your trust and confidence in us to teach you the art of PDR, as many other students have done before you, because we truly believe we have the most informative and complete PDR training course available today in Europe.

So, come see for yourself why everyone is talking about our 100% success rate teaching students the art of paintless dent repair from all over the World.


Don't hold yourself back taking months to learn PDR


If you would like to learn enough about paintless dent repair, to have you repairing dents and earning money from PDR quickly, well now you can. Don't hold yourself back taking many months, if not years, just to understand the basics of PDR.

Nobody has the time anymore to spend years on a low wage doing a trade apprenticeship, learning the hard way. And why should you ? When all you need is the right guidance and training to get you out there earning a wage from PDR right from the start.



What do we offer you ?


A unique and unforgettable PDR training adventure that empowers you with all the knowledge required to run your own successful company offering PDR paintless dent repair, or simply gain employment working for someone else. Travel the world removing hail dents perhaps ? Or work closer to home.

Whatever your choice we set you up to succeed.


Hello Mark & Jayne, I just wanted to say that I loved the course. Mark's techniques are really incredible, in just 5 days, you are capable of putting into action the techniques learned. Mark is a true professional in PDR, and a great teacher and whats more the care and kindness shown by both of you, it was a pleasure to have met you. Thank you very much, now I am totally capable to put into practice the techniques learned in just 5 days. Once again many thanks.
Oscar Aleman Perez



Every student is different


Every student needs individual help to understand paintless dent repair fully.  PDR is a very personal thing and something that we completely understand.

Our unique ability to teach PDR in so many different ways enables us to teach each person dent repair techniques that suit their work style and way of thinking. There are many ways to remove the same dent if you know how. And each one can achieve the same flawless results.

Each student tends to settle down with their own favoured method of dent repair once shown the various ways to accomplish the same task. To do this your trainer has to know all the different PDR methods and reflection types to teach them to students in the correct way.


A new approach


Our approach is quite different to the way most people teach PDR because they are normally limited to one, often out dated, teaching method, this means students only get the chance to learn the way their trainer was originally taught. This is not the fault of their trainer it is simply the only way he knows.

We decided to travel extensively to different countries to find out the best PDR techniques to teach you. We knew there were many PDR tips, tricks and secrets waiting to be discovered, never shared before outside their tight knit circle. We returned as vastly more accomplished techs ourselves.

Now you can benefit from our experience...

We are as passionate about your success as we are about ours

" Mark was 100% right about the information in his web page…These people are probably greatest PDR teaching team in the world ! "


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