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About Us

Learn PDR Secrets Mark and Jayne

We are Mark and Jayne, a husband and wife team and we aim to give all our students the best training experience we can.  Your time with us will be fun and you will feel at home as soon as you arrive, but we are also very passionate and serious about what we do, so we ask you to come to us with the same enthusiasm and determination as dent repair is not an easy skill to learn.

As well as being a highly respected teacher of automotive repairs, Mark is also a panel beater and painter and we also have our own car repair bodyshop.

Mark is a total petrol head and on a rare day off he will have his head buried in a classic car magazine, or be watching endless re-runs of Top Gear ! Jayne is a bookworm and loves reading a good thriller (preferably on a sunbed with a pina colada !).

If you have any questions about our training courses please contact us - we're here to help you. 

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The best way to learn

With detailed 'over the shoulder' explanations for every step of the dent repair process I have you dealing with even those tricky elements of dent repair.

Things like...bracing and intrusion beams that often force trainees to give up, can actually be used to your advantage.

You just need to be shown.

Find out how learning to deal with problem access areas will get YOU the jobs other techs refuse to do.

Student on real car

My teaching secret...


...precise tool tip location and pinpointing

Understanding reflection is the foundation of all good paintless dent repair

Let us show you how to easily locate the tip of all your dent repair tools.

You can't repair what you can't see

Mastering minute tool tip movement, behind steel or aluminium panels, allows you to obtain that flawless finish that retail customers with luxury and high end cars demand.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned tech my method has you locating the tip of your dent removal tools the best way possible.

The secret ? I match your eyes to individual lighting and reflection patterns that are specific to you.

We all see dents differently. So our method of teaching involves making the necessary adjustments individually for each student on day one, that way each student gets to view the dents from their own perspective, rather than that of their trainer. I have proven that this accelerates students dent repair capabilities.

Always be in demand

Learn the right way

And you'll always have a career that will keep you as busy as you want to be.

You will be taught how to finish dents flawlessly by pinpointing.

I teach you how to prevent others from undervaluing your newly acquired skill.

Without being armed with this knowledge many customers will attempt to drive your expected earnings down.

Let me teach you how to demand the best prices for your quality work from the start, and how to build contacts from wealthy car owners.

Ferrari Repair
Mark working on a Ferrari Modena

These customers place the right value on your quality workmanship and keep you out of low end bidding wars on cheaper cars.

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 " Buenas, Mark y Jayne, solo decir que me encanto el curso y las tecnicas de Mark son realmente increibles, en tan solo 5 dias, puedes ser capaz desarrollar las tecnicas aprendidas, Mark es un autentico profesional en el DSP y un gran profesor y ademas de la atencion y la amabilidad mostrada por los dos, es un placer haberlos conocido, muchas gracias, ahora estoy totalmente capacitado para poner en practica las tecnicas aprendidas en tan solo 5 dias, de nuevo mil gracias, nos vemos, un saludo "
Oscar, Barcelona

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