No time ? All the important stuff in 60 seconds

What is the course duration ?  5 days (40 hours minimum)

How many other people will be in my class ?
  One. I only ever have a maximum of 2 students per course

When are the courses run ?
  Any week to suit you

Where are the course held ? 
Maidstone in Kent, England

What´s included ?
  Training, lunch, drinks, collect/return to hotel daily (if needed)

hat facilities do you have ?  Dining/rest area, hot drinks on tap, heating, parking & wifi

o you teach theory ?  Yes

Will I be removing dents by the end of my course ?

Will I be able to start offering a dent repair service as soon as I return home ?

Can I contact you for help after my course ?
  As often as you like

Do you sell tools ?

Do I have to buy my tools from you ?

Can you ship tools to me ?

Can I contact previous students before booking a course ?

How do I book a course ?
  By email or Facebook

Can you help find the best flights for me ?

Can you book my accommodation ?

Could you arrange to collect me from the airport ?
  Yes, any London airport

How do I get to the course every day from the hotel ?
  I can collect & return you (no charge)

What are the payment terms ?
  £500 deposit on booking, balance on arrival

What payment methods do you accept ?
  Cash, bank transfer, card

Can I pay in euros ?
  Sorry, no

I have some other questions...
Contact me & ask anything you like !

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