PDR Luxembourg

Diego, Luxembourg

Diego works in Luxembourg for a car detailing company - after completing his 5 day course with us he promptly returned to work with nothing more than our basic starter kit of tools and less than a week later had removed his first dent on nothing less than a Maserati - Go Diego !!  

PDR training Luxembourg

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PDR training Portugal

Marco, Portugal

Marco came to us from Portugal, his profession was vehicle insurance assessment but he knew a lot of the repair work he was assigning to bodyshops and painters could be done faster and more cost effectively using paintless dent repair. Since completing his training with us Marco has set-up his own PDR repair business in Portugal and has been in regular contact letting us know all about his repairs - you can see the before and after photos of one of his first repairs above and we think you'll agree it was pretty incredible !

Tiramossas Portugal

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PDR Training Wales

Harry, England

Harry was from the West of England, and having recently sold his own business he was looking to set-up a mobile PDR business serving his local area.  Harry wrote to us 18 months on, clearly pleased with how his new paintless dent business was taking off.

Dent Removal Shropshire

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PDR Training Las Palmas

Jose, Las Palmas

Jose came to us from the island of Las Palmas, he is a "car detailer" and wanted to offer another form of smart repair service to his clients. Jose contacted us shortly after completing his PDR training wanting to tell us all about his first repair - you can see the before and after photos above and we think you'll agree again it is another incredible repair by one of our students !

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Learn PDR paintless dent repair Norway

Per-Anton, Norway

Per-Anton had been thinking about learning PDR for 3 years. He came to us from Norway, where he has his own car repair business and, like Jose, he wanted to offer another form of repair to his clients. Since completing our 5 day course he has been in regular contact with us, sending photos of his PDR repairs - take a look at some of the first repairs he did after his course.

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