PDR training success stories

" As I promise to you, I'm here today describing to you one of my first and hardest jobs until now !

In the pictures you can see a Ford Focus door with a big dent that I tried to do my best to repair. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect but I'm a warrior ;)

At first, I tried to understand how the dent happened so I could start to take off the dent where it ended (first out - last in).  We can see in the pictures that the dent has two big dents in the bottom and above the door handle so, these were the first steps to work the dent and release some of the existing pressure - that part of the job took me time but it was good for me to understand how the metal responds to the tap down.

Then, I took out the major dent and now, I think it was my first mistake because I think I should have been working at first in the midle of the door, just above the trim :(  I'm learning and pleased to understand where I went wrong.

I tried also to take off that vertical crown made by the door inside structure right in the door edge ! I was aprehensive about that but did it. I knock inside the door to win some space between the outer and inner panels and then I knock down with the hamer and tap downs.

At the end I realised that I could have done better but, looking at the door at first and at the end....for a guy that has no experience in PDR other than the 5 days I had with my teacher Mark on the standard course, I just can tell that the owner was very happy with the result and I was also pleased with that work.

Most of all it's possible because you told me your "secret" !!!! "



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