" What a great team Mark and Jayne make, Mark is a master at his profession. I previously done a six week course in PDR with another company which wasn't great, but what I learned in my week with Mark was amazing, didn't think possible after previous course I done, I now feel confident in going forward and making it a career.  If anyone has any doubts about doing this course don't, you will be in safe hands with Mark and Jayne, thanks a lot for all your help during week and also Sam "
Con, Ireland



" Well what can I say Mark and Jayne. I loved the course so much, I couldn't wait for the next day. Mark...you are truly a professional in the art of PDR and car body repairs. I have never met a man that takes so much pride in what he does. The way you teach PDR is truly amazing. I thought at first, I would never be able to do this art but...the way Mark teaches, is pure intelligence.

On the fifth day, I was removing dents, and have now set up my own business in PDR thanks to Mark.

Jayne...you are truly an inspiration to PDR SECRETS. Your hospitality is amazing and so is your cooking. Love your chilli dish. Jayne looked after me like I was one of the family. I felt so at home on this course. You are a lovely lady with a kind heart.

I would totally...totally recommend anyone who wants to learn PDR TO CALL MARK AND JAYNE the only place on the planet where you will learn this art correctly. Again...THANK YOU so much guys for teaching me a new career. Bless you both "
Ricky, England



" Hello Mark and Jayne, many thanks for the treatment that you gave me and for the opportunity to learn a technique so that I can offer more and better services to my clients "
Jose Luis, Spain (Espana)

" Friends Mark & Jayne, thank you for the opportunity to have participated in the PDR course, with your method Mark we can achieve incredible results using this technique and our common sense. Here there are no secrets, if you work and train hard, developing your reflection methods day to day. I would like Jayne, if possible, to create a page on your website where all the ex-students can describe their experiences. I personally recommend this course, it is very very good, good luck to all and thanks "

Jose, Gran Canaria

" Hello Mark and Jayne, many thanks for all your attention. Already I have my first quote to do, yes !!!!!!
Yesterday, as soon as I got off the plane my wife told me that there is a lady in the village that wants her car repaired using PDR  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I promise to send you photos of the dents, before and after. Thanks, many thanks, l will carry you always in my mind and my heart. See you soon "
Christian, Spain (Espana)

" Hello Jayne and Mark, many thanks for the reception and for the course, it was very good. In this week I learned everything necessary to work in PDR (paintless dent repair) so much so that I am already able to start working on high end cars with your techniques, thank you very much for everything, it has been a great and enjoyable course and thanks for the care and attention you gave me. Many thanks "
Fabio, Majorca (Mallorca)

" Thanks again for an unforgettable week with you recently. I must say that any apprehension I might have had was soon put to bed by Marks down to earth, no frills approach to PDR, and his ability to stay focused for many hours on what I personally needed to gain the most from this course. It took me untill Wednesday to 'wind down' and start to relax in to the experience, and by the end of the course there was no doubt in my mind that my ability to approach dents had taken a quantum leap !  The 'painting-by-numbers' method was key, or maybe it was all down to the excellent food Jayne served all week !  From arranging my flight to booking the hotel, I know I'll have no problems when I return for advanced training next time.  Best wishes "
Lee, London

" Hello Jayne and Mark, I'm Victoriya, Nikolay's girlfriend. First I want to thank you for the wonderful treatment of Nikolay. He is delighted and tells me wonderful things about you. I am happy that he came to the amazing people that I thank you wholeheartedly !!  I just have no words to describe how I feel and how happy I am that we found such great people like you !  One big THANK YOU ! I hope to meet you personally. I'll be happy if you come in Bulgaria. Come when you want. We will be happy "
Nikolay, Bulgaria (България)

" My name is Raymond Kelly, I have recently completed the intensive paintless dent repair (PDR) training course with Learn PDR Secrets in Granada, Spain. I have 30 years experience in the motor industry running a garage in Dublin, Ireland specialising in panel beating and spray painting. As a repairer I was looking to expand my business to different areas taking into consideration reducing costs, time and efficiency in this ever changing industry so our savings can then be passed down to our customers as costs tighten in this current economic climate.  We came to the conclusion paintless dent repair was the answer and after months of researching I came across Learn PDR Secrets.com and their website and was taken aback by the professionalism.  After several emails and the enthusiasm shown I was convinced they were the team who could teach me the art of PDR.  After that everything was made easy, Mark (the managing director) and his lovely wife Jayne looked after everything from the flights to the hotel, it was great.  After arriving the intense training began and I was blown away by the patience and attention to detail shown by Mark every day, he made learning enjoyable and from the high-lows to the low-lows to the tap downs and light reflection, all the hard work was made easy. Thanks to Mark and learn PDR Secrets I am thrilled I did the course and with the outcome.  If you are thinking of doing PDR I would highly recommend Learn PDR Secrets.com as the team that can teach you the skills and art thats involved "
Ray, Ireland


Hi Mark & Jayne, please accept my sincere thanks for the eye opening experience I had during my course.  As a complete novice in this field, and without any body repair skills whatsoever, I learned an enormous amount about this intricate art of moving sheet metal. Considering the allocated time to learn this skill, I have to take my hat off to you. There were doubts in my mind as to whether I could master this art, but the doubts were soon quashed by your determination to instill into me that it can and will be done .  After many late into the night hours, I felt that progress was finally being made, the odd beer did help too !!

With the "more easier to achieve better results" system that you have developed, I finally left with the positive attitude that I can do PDR and look forward to my first paying customer. Since being away from home, Chris, my other half has already lined up customers to have their precious motors PDR'd by your ex-trainee student. Bring it on !!

During the learning process, the theory of writing things down and understanding the logic (have studied my notes already), getting the feel for the tools, and various other equipment that was displayed all over the bonnet of the beloved Porsche was a little bit daunting I must say. But what the heck, it all fell into place, as you said it would. Too much thinking on my part, as you said !!  That "slow is fast" comment as you rightly say, has changed the way that I now choose to work. Gone are the days of rushing around like a headless chicken. It will now be done 'Marks Way'.   No bulls**t, no pizzas (did wonder what you were on about the first time you used that expression), pizzas and PDR, no corn
And the all important baking tray, I can still see the tip of the tool, even with my eyes shut !!  Will book the progress into removing the rather larger dings/dents etc as seen by me on your video show, all being well in February. Bit too much on in Jan, and need to get some small ding experience first.

Many thanks Jayne for your hospitality, the bacon butties, cakes and tea went down a treat.  Did look forward to that and your always welcome cheery smile. "
Harry, England


" Olá Jayne & Mark !!!!

Let me tell you something. Remember when I first said that "one of the reasons I choose your course is because I read that you make students feel they are at home.."  So...my hopes became realized about 200% ;)

The Marco you knew at the last days, was the Marco that feels that he's in family and I really felt like being part of your's. I still do and I miss you Jayne and Mark.  You have won a place in my heart. This intense week made me very proud of myself to achieving this goal and full of happiness to find people like you, just like the kind of people I really love. I'm counting the the days to put in practice all the things I learn and really... to see you again, drink a couple of bottles of wine and just...laugh while we enjoy your really good food (made with love).  I will remember us just like a younger and older brother playing and be cared by our mother ;).  I just want you to continue to be just like who you are.  Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to meet you... and will be in touch !  "

Marco, Portugal


" Hello Mark and Jayne, I just wanted to say that I loved the course and Mark's techniques  are really incredible, in just 5 days, you are capable of putting into action the techniques learned, Mark is a true professional in PDR and a great teacher and whats more the care and kindness shown by you both it was a pleasure to have met you, thank you very much, now I am fully capable to put into practice the techniques learned in just 5 days, once again many thanks. "
Oscar, Barcelona, Spain (Espana)


" Hello Jayne and Mark, I want to thank you both again for me spending a nice time, best lunch times and the fabulous training from Mark. Hope to see you again soon, it was a pleasure to meet you. "
Bernd, Germany (Deutschland)


" Good afternoon my friends Mark and Jayne, thanks for everything. Now I only need to practice, practice. Jayne I have to tell you I have gained some kilos thanks to your good food, and you were like a family. It has been a great pleasure to meet people like you.  I wish you a Happy Christmas, you have a friend in Murcia, and if you need to take out a dent, call me ! "
Jose Maria, Spain (Espana)

" Thanks Mark and Jayne for teaching me paintless dent repair, it has taught me a lot. It is a very useful technique for my job as a panel beater and painter. Especially for signwritten vehicles or vehicles with stickers, where it is not allowed to remove the sticker or printing to repair the dent, for those cars you can use this technique. I recommend this paintless dent repair course to panel beaters and painters, because it is not only useful in this type of repair but also where the paintwork is not damaged but there are dents and the colour is difficult to match etc.  The One-on-One course really is effective and you can appreciate the advantages of this technique in some repairs. Best wishes. "
Jose Luis, Spain (Espana)


" Dear Jayne and Mark, having read your website concerning PDR training some weeks ago, I took advantage of this offer and decided to come. Now, after finishing this course, I am very pleasantly surprised and would like to thank very much, both of you. Mark, for your unique approach, your sincere interest to give me all your experiences and teach me everything you know about.  And mainly for your great patience.  Jayne, for your hospitality, fine cusine and your kind company during our lunch time. Dear friends, many thanks once more and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet you again sometime in future. Best regards and have nice days ! "
Juraj, Czech Republic (Česká republika)

" Hello Mark and Jayne !  I am finally back in Latvia. In Latvia it is currently 15 degrees below !  Thank you for the nice welcome, always delicious lunch and the valuable knowledge. I spent a good time learning new skills. Best regards "
Māris, Latvia (Latvija)

" Hello Mark and Jayne, thank you for a great week in November. I have been thinking about PDR for the last 3 years, but did not have the time to start. I finally get there and start looking for courses on the internet, but many places look too good to be true.  At the end I ring Jayne and ask about this course, and after speaking to a very kindly woman I decide to travel.  Jayne organized hotel and everything you need (thank you for buying me shaving foam that the customs took from me).  And as everyone else says, Jayne is a good cook. Mark the PDR teacher, that I feel is my friend now, is so down to earth as they come. If you consider to take a course in PDR, this is the right teacher.  He will learn you all you need. But if you are lazy, do not go to this guy, he is not wasting your time. Kind regards "
Per-anton, Norway (Norge)

" Dear Mark and Jayne, I am glad to be a student of Mark's PDR training course. I arrived and was far away from home, but everything was fine with Jayne's trip organisation. Despite the fact that I was in a foreign country I felt like being at my neighbours.  She also helped me with Spanish language and living accommodation. Mark - the best teacher of my life. Really !  I am talking about his teaching methods, patience talking about theory and politeness for student during the course. All the time I spend at the course was worth all the money and even more !  Before I started the PDR course I looked for a couple of places and teachers teaching PDR, but Mark was 100% right about the information in his web page. Now I can run my own business with Mark and Jaynes help. These people are probably greatest PDR teaching team in the world ! "
Jonas, Lithuania (Lietuva)

" Hello Mark and Jayne, I want to start by thanking you for your hospitality and the PDR course I really learnt more than I thought was possibly in just five days (exhausting but fun five days).  Everybody told me that PDR couldn´t be learned in just five days (and so thought I) but after Mark called me up and talked to me I got really interested, so I thought, I have to do it. And I can say that after the course I really wanted to get home and prove to everyone that said it couldn´t be done, that I really had learned the art of PDR. So thank you very much once again both Mark and Jayne for everything.  Best Regards. PS will send you the pictures of my first dent repair  "
Robin, Sweden (Sverige)

" Hi Mark and Jayne, I wanted to let you know that I arrived safely yesterday and am happy to be back with the family. I would like to thank you again for the intensive, challenging but rewarding past days.  Mark is really passionate about PDR and in my opinion makes an excellent trainer. He is able to clearly bring across the “secrets” of pdr and also manages to bring out the best in his student, not only in a technical way, but also on a personal level. The one-on-one training is the best, but most likely the only way, to be able to learn these skills in five days.  I want to thank Jayne for her friendly, open and honest communication, which convinced me to take the training. Her advice on how to get to the training facility and the arrangement for the rental car and the lodging definitely took away some of the worries. Not to forget the meals I got during the training, which were really wonderful (and not to forget the translation of the café’s menu, which really came in handy as well). I also admire her sharing the knowledge and the passion for PDR, she really is a tough “dent examinator” !  Mark has asked me to be honest and also give comments on what could be improved. Well, to be honest, I still can't think of anything.
I feel confident that I will be able to bring into practice the skills learned. Especially since I know that I can always turn to you for advice.
Thanks again, and we’ll be keeping in touch. Kind regards."
Gerry, Holland

Hello Jayne !  I want to thank you and Mark for the hospitality that you gave me.  I also want you to know that I am very happy with the course, tell Mark I wilI send him photos of my repairs.  Best regards "
Martin, Spain (Espana)

" Jayne its me Dimitris !!  We are here to Athens !!!  The trip was really good (my mother is excited with the present you sent her !!)
I just wanted to say that I am really happy for joining you, you were so kind and so friendly with me...I really want to say a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig THANK YOU to Mark cause he changed my life from now and for the future with our conversations and his way to teach me how to change my future and my whole life...(I want to add that you are reeeally good cook and I am so pleased of what you've done !!!).  Thanks a lot for everything !!!!  I will never forget what you have done for me and what Mark said me about this tech...we will sure meet again each other maybe in Greece !!!!  Many kisses and THANKS again or in GREEK Ευχαριστώ !!!!!!  Byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee "
Dimitris, Greece (Ελλάδα)

Thanks to you now I can work for myself, it seemed to me impossible that in a week I could learn so much, but thanks to the experience and patience of Mark, I learned all about PDR. I recommend this course to anyone who like I was, is hesitant to do it. "
Diego, Luxembourg

Hello Jayne !!! Many thanks for the photos, it was a lot of fun my last night at Bar Santi !!! Hahahahaha. I do not have words to express my thanks for such hospitality, for your exquisite meals and for making me feel like I am in my own home. I have to tell you that it was a marvellous experience and I am very happy that I decided to do the course with Mark !!!  I would love to tell all the people who are not encouraged to go because of the distance, or simply because of mistrust, that this is the best PDR course there is. I can say that because it is not the first PDR course I have done, but it is the first to be serious.  I'll be eternally grateful to Mark for helping me and teaching me his techniques and for not keeping any secrets ! My most sincere greetings !  "
Alejandro, Argentina


" Good evening Mark & Jayne !!!!! Firstly I want to thank you for your attention from the first minute. Thank you for everything, everything, everything. The treatment that I received could not have been better in any aspect. From the first email we exchanged I already felt at home ! You have no idea what it means to me to be at the finishing line of this course. On the one hand I am sad that a week has nearly passed and tomorrow is my last day as a PDR student, but on the other hand it is the start of a great friendship !!! Thank you for being such normal and caring people. To the two of you, many thanks for making my dream a reality, now we share our secret. Many, many thanks and now you have two more houses in the world, Spain and Brazil. Thank you for being true masters of the art. A big hug from a student who loves you guys "
Ricardo, Brazil (Brasil)

Dear Mark and Jayne, it was great pleasure to meet you, and an honor to be trained by Mark who is truly PDR Maestro, Inventor, fantastic Teacher and above all Great Friend. Thanks Mark for sharing your secret with me, because without it I would spend a life time learning and wouldn't succeed, you are truly great teacher ! Your secret is safe with me !  Jayne, thank you very much for taking care of me ! You are the most organised person that I have ever met, you are the main wheel that makes spin everything in Learn PDR Secrets mechanism !   Loved the fish and chips they became my favourite :)  God bless you guys and give you much health and strength that you could carry on what you are doing !  Will see you soon and will let you know my progress :)  Warmest regards "
Ged, Dubai

" I was very surprised at how much one can learn in so little time. It really shows how much experience Mark has and with his advice you can avoid a lot of trouble.  Jayne, a wonderful cook !!!  It is a pleasure to know these people  "
Dimitry, Spain (Espana)

Thank you Mark for this course it is something really incredible the system of learning and the method ! A thousand thanks for everything  "
Noel, Spain (Espana)

Hello Jayne and Mark. Thanks for everything that you did for me. Your course was a great thing in my life, not just because I have learned everything about PDR, because you are great people and you didnt leave me when I come home. You have answered on my every mail and you helped me when I had a doubt. Now I have 2 weeks filled with cars what need to fix dents and every day I am very happy with my PDR job. It is what I want of my life. I am so pleased that I choose you for my PDR training. Wish you well "
Ivan, Croatia (Hrvatska)


" Dear Mark and Jayne, tomorrow is my first day off and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the dents on my mothers car !
I cannot express my gratitude enough to you both for all the attention you gave last week.  It's often that you periodically need to get education or training in a particular discipline in order to progress. Of these times it's very rare that you stumble on a person, or persons in this case, that give you the confidence to say that you know you have met the right people for the job in hand.  Mark, I really cannot thank you enough for your time, patience and encouragement this past week. You have instilled in me the confidence to do what I want to achieve. In fact I´m even more keen now to 'crack on' with it !  And where would we be without Jayne ?! Superb hospitality, a constant flow of tea, magnificent lunches and a permanent smile - even with the silly hours put upon you - I am sorry about that !  Thank you both so, so much "
Richard, Scotland


" Hello Mark and Jayne, how are you ?  First of all I want to thank you very much for the treatment and care you gave me in London.  Mark is a professional with many years of experience and he uses his amazing techniques and secrets to teach students and maximise their learning capabilities, plus it's super super fun !  For this, a 10 out of 10 !   Jayne, his wife, is a great cook who makes some delicious meals, she is always paying much attention to the students with food, coffee etc.  In addition, they took me from and to the airport.  I'm super grateful to them.  Thank you very much Jayne and Mark. 
Friends, I advise you to prepare for a very good and worthwhile experience "
Carlos, Dominican Republic


" Hello Mark and Jayne.  I have really enjoyed my 5 days PDR training week, Mark is an excellent teacher of PDR, with many years of experience and knowledge, he has so much enthusiasm that makes you want to succeed.   He gave me the skills and advice I needed to become an efficient PDR technician.   The experience I gained from this training will greatly assist me in my future. It was a lifetime experience.   Therefore I would recommend to everyone.   Mark and Jayne you are great people, I want to thank you for your hospitality  "
Vasilis, Cyprus

" Mark & Jayne.  Thank you for all you have done for me.  You are a great mentor Mark, I feel I have learned a lot from you last week.  You are both extremely generous and I cant thank you both enough.  I look forward to when we meet again.  Hopefully soon I can arrange for us to come back down to learn leather refurbishment  "
John, Scotland


" Hi Jayne and Mark. I would like to thank you for everything.  I really enjoyed time which we spent together . We had hard work but also a lot of laughter. I must say that you are a very friendly couple and I felt everything you did for me was to help me.  I am grateful for all.  I will definitely visit you again.  Mark infected me with his passion and I can´t wait for when I start a new challenge with the next dent. Oh, I nearly forgot: your food is really tasty ! "
Jacek, Poland


" I was unemployed with little prospects of finding work. I had the luck to find this paintless dent repair course (One-on-One) with Learn PDR Secrets and it has totally changed my life. They are experts with many years experience mastering the secrets of this great technique and they are concerned that all their students learn the secrets, so that when they finish the course they are good professionals with high prospects of earning a good salary  "
Dragos, Spain (Espana)



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