I set you up to win !

If you come to me with an open mind, a willingness to listen and a real desire to learn you will be removing dents successfully by the end of your course.

I am pleased to offer you this unique dent repair training opportunity - a lot of our students tell me it has been a life changing experience for them.

I witnessed so many false promises about what could realistically be achieved on a course.  Your course with me is intensive but an easy to understand amalgam of many individuals little secrets and discoveries, gathered over a lifetime of working in the automotive industry.

The fact that most techs will not share their secrets has made choosing the right course difficult. Not any more as I did all the hard work for you, by gathering secrets from people we were not competing against.

Your unique training course here has you removing dents before you leave the course.

Something I discovered first hand, when developing this training experience, was that too many training schools and teachers put strain on their students from the beginning. I know that students don't respond well to pressure. By expecting students to learn simply by demonstrating, or telling them how to complete a task, only to then send them home to practice for many months afterwards does nothing to resolve the two major obstacles in the way of the learning process in the first place: tension and anxiety.

Both tension and anxiety are normally associated with traditional courses. These two are inextricably linked when learning any new task that involves mental agility and manual dexterity. Think back to learning to tie your shoe laces !

I believe my training is unique compared to other courses, the student absorbs information and gains confidence without any responsibility to learn.

On the course you are taught how to remove dents confidently and calmly, ensuring you will be ready to start your own business.

With these secrets I give you one of the most complete training experiences in the automotive business today.


All the guidance you'll ever need

Plenty of 'over the shoulder' guidance is provided, but never in a way that doesn't allow you to develop at your own level.

I tailor lighting reflections to each individual students eyes ensuring you develop quickly and master what used to take years to understand completely.

It does not matter if you are right handed, left handed, colour blind, wear glasses or contacts - I have even trained students with UV damage from welding. I simply "dial you in" to see what you need to see from the earliest stages, ensuring your time is spent removing dents cleanly and effectively without making errors.

You will be given countless tips in what is a highly skilled and much sought after trade. Each course takes into account the individual needs of each student.

This comprehensive repair course provides you with all the tips, tricks and secrets to run your own business.

No one ever stops learning - we all learn new things everyday. Thats what drives the boundaries of car body dent repair to the levels achievable today,

I hope you will take all the tips, tricks and secrets you learn whilst training with me, make as much money as you need to, and eventually share your knowledge wisely with others.

I am committed to drive the automotive dent repair industry forward, and with hard work and determination, you in turn will be able to pass on our world full of secrets for many generations to come.

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