Why you need to Travel for PDR Training


The simple answer is: the farther you travel the more likely your trainer will be to share all he knows with you.

But why should this be the case and what advantages does travelling reward you with ?

The biggest worry for any dent tech or paintless dent repair training school is effectively making a clone of themselves that will steal work away from them. They could effectively be training their own competition !

This point is often overlooked by those seeking training and then they wonder why, at the end of the course, they still cannot repair a dent.

Although taking money from a student, knowing you are going to make the job seem as hard to learn as possible for them, is not fair, you have to ask yourself if you spent years learning PDR would you like to train an upstart to steal away your business ?  You would probably do the same thing – after all why risk your livelihood by letting someone else know all your secrets.

This reluctance to share secrets within the paintless dent repair industry is nothing new. We encountered it time and time again ourselves in the UK and when travelling in other countries – we heard stories first hand from techs and teachers who said that they deliberately held back vital information from fellow countrymen for fear of making extra competition for themselves.  They admitted to only sharing secrets to outsiders that offered no threat.

This reluctance to share vital information can be very frustrating, especially if you have a limited budget for your training and are counting on an honest training experience.

Finally, we realised and recognised this reluctance to share secrets and decided to look further afield ourselves. Much further afield. And that meant for us, outside the UK.

Being such a small country, there is always a fear of competition in the UK, no matter what business sector you are in.  But the PDR industry the world over seems to have a particular reluctance to play fair with students in this respect, for the reasons given.

Learning away from home gives you a much greater chance of receiving all the information you need. Organised correctly it is a lifetime experience that you remember forever !  You are far more likely to remember even the smallest details of what you have been shown as it is all part of an adventure (we know – we did it).

By choosing a training school with similar experiences to you they will understand how you feel, and put you at ease in your training experience.

If you find a training school with a professional curriculum and guaranteed results the chances are it will be worth its weight in gold to you.  Do not limit your chances of learning all the secrets of paintless dent repair by seeking training too close to home.  With cheap flights readily available and inexpensive accommodation you will end up paying the same for so much more !



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